Baby Skunks for sale in Pa. We are skunk breeders
Spring babies will soon be here!
Bottle fed baby Skunks only. We no longer have bobcats lynx or
raccoons.  (sorry) We will have skunks only. The bobcat / lynx
and raccoon pages are only there for your viewing.     
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Bobcats and (click here)
Welcome to EXOTIC CRITTERS!    
I have the heavily spotted Montana type Bobcats!  $1500.      . I
require a $250. Deposit to hold your kitten.  You must have the
proper permits for these cats.   Kittens are usually ready in June
(update) We no longer have or raise any bobcat or lynx. Sorry
$500.for black and whites $600.for all recessive gene
(colored) skunks. (plus sales tax.) Skunks are available in  
June and are four to five weeks old and on the bottle when
you pick them up. Yes our skunks are descented,but are to
young to vaccinate . You can vaccinate your new baby at
nine weeks of age. We only get a limited number of these
rare recessive gene colored baby skunks and they go quick..
Apricots,Chocolates,Smokes,albino's,and mahogany's.
I'am usually sold out by May so get your deposit early.
All colors are $400. Plus sales tax) Kits are usually available in
May or June. (update) We no longer have or raise raccoons.
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We are now taking deposits on our 2017 spring baby skunks!
Deposits on Skunks are $100. Along with your deposit send your
preference in gender, color and phone number.
Sorry we dont ship Skunks.  Pick up is here in Pa.
These animals may be illegal to possess in your state. Check with
your Fish and Game to be sure. We will not sell you these animals if
they are illegal in your state.
If for any reason I cant supply your animal your deposit will
be refunded in full, otherwise deposits are non refundable.