The long awaited ''Buggsy Rocks
Lost Kingdom'' Cd is now available.  

Buggsy Rock has been performing various venues on
the east coast for more than 30 years now. With three
CD's to his credit ( On the Rocks, The Buggsy Rock
Project and Lost Kingdom ) he is currently working on
his forth CD Lost Kingdom 2. While performing with
such bands as.... On the Rocks, Haji, Sadie,  And Toyz to
name a few, Buggsy has opened shows for artists such
as Rick Derringer, Mountain, Blackfoot, Dirty Looks
and Harpo. His new CD, ''Lost Kingdom'' is now available
on B.Rock Records and can be ordered by sending a
check or money order for $14.95 to.......... Ronald Derr,
119 Oman Rd. Bloomsburg, Pa. 17815  (Shipping is
included in the US)  CD'S and Downloads are also
available  at.......  Pay Pal is also
excepted. The On the Rocks CD is also available.
See what Strutterzine Magazine from the Netherlands has
to say about Lost Kingdom, On the Rocks and The Buggsy
Rock Project Cd's!
Click below to listen to the title track LOST KINGDOM! Please be patient this may take a while to download.
Musically the CD is somewhat reminiscent of the Led Zeppelin style 70's/80's rock with
high pitched vocals that may remind you of Styx, Journey, Queen and even AC-DC.
Filled with soaring guitar and vocal harmonies this CD is the NEW CLASSIC ROCK.
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This band from Pennsylvania/USA was previously reviewed by us, also when they were named ON THE
ROCKS. Now they have released a new CD titled ‘Lost kingdom’, which musically is a mix of Pomprock and
Melodic Rock, yet with also some Bluesy/Classic Rock influences, sorta mixing Led Zeppelin and STYX
(later mentioned highlights on the CD.) Although a lot of songs go in a Queen/TRIUMPH style, partly
thanks to the wonderful high pitched vocals. 12 songs are included on the CD and the main members of
Lost Kingdom are of course guitarist/bassist/vocalist BUGGSY ROCK and Englishman vocalist WILL
COURSON. The songs are convincing, and  we can find some nice little tunes that can clearly be classified
as pure Pomprock. Songs like “Led Leppard” (misleading songtitle, nothing to do with "DEF LEPPARD",  
“Get it right”, “Love will never die” "Lost Kindom", "All I want is you" "It's not to late" and “Disarray” are the
highlights here. The new BUGGSY ROCK CD ‘LOST KINGDOM, Pompish early 80s/late 70s Melodic Rock,
for some maybe sounding dated, but for others a blessing! Basically high quality stuff, check it out for

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