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Information Page        

This page is designed to inform you a little about the animals for sale on this site. Before buying any Exotic, you must first make sure it is legal in your state, then check your local laws.(some towns may not allow exotics.) In Pennsylvania raccoons and skunks are legal without anything more than a permit number you will receive from me, however before I can sell you Foxes, Lynx or Bobcats you must have the proper permits. Contact your Game Commission, Dept.of Fish Wildlife and Parks,or your DNR. with any questions you may have. The laws regarding Exotic possession in other states will vary. In some states it is easy to get permits while others don't allow exotics period. Also you need to know, if you don't already, that exotic wildlife even though pen raised can become unpredictable and nasty, you can't breed out thousands of years of evolution just because you have pen raised them for a few generations. It's taken thousands of years to domesticate the dog and they sometimes become unpredictable and nasty. Having said that I have raised many animals that remain quite nice in temperament. Do the research on the animal you plan to buy and make sure you are ready for a life long commitment to that animal. In Pa. it is illegal to release an animal back to the wild once you buy it. It is also illegal to transfer your animal to anyone else. For more information feel free to contact me.

Pa. Game Commission Propagation Permit No. PRP03588- USDA Permit No.23-B-0162 Pa Wildlife Dealer Permit No.WLD00089
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      email us at... exoticcritters@dishmail.net
  We sometimes ship Bobcat and Lynx although it is quite costly. We don't ship Raccoons or Skunks SORRY.